Best Jogging Strollers – Swivel Wheel and Fixed Wheel

Best Jogging Strollers with a Swivel Wheel

BOB Revolution SE

BOB Revolution SE Stroller - Best Jogging Stroller with swivel wheel

BOB Revolution SE @ Amazon for $339.99

The BOB Revolution SE  is not only the most popular jogging stroller on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive. I’ve never seen a jogging stroller with more of a following. Those that purchase it, worship it! On Amazon alone it has a 90% customer satisfaction rating, with comments like “BOB is the Best”, “Must HAVE”, and “Absolutely Amazing Stroller”.

So what makes the BOB Revolution SE one of the best jogging strollers on the market? Well first of all, it offers a state-of-the-art coil spring suspension system with 3-inches of travel. So in other words, it floats, or as parents commonly say, “It’s so smooth, it feels like your pushing air”. In addition, it also offers adjustable shock absorbers that allow you to adjust according to the terrain and the weight of your child, so the ride is always smooth. The adjustable tracking is also another nice feature. It allows you to maintain a straight line when in the jog mode and the swivel wheel is locked. Did I mention that you can walk and jog with this stroller? The BOB Revolution offers more customization then you would even know what to do with, but that’s what makes it one of the best. In addition, it has a 70 pound weight capacity, so it will last for years.

Schwinn Turismo

Schwinn Turismo - Best jogging stroller with swivel wheel and affordable price tag

Schwinn Turismo @ Amazon for $177.99

With a more affordable price tag, I would have to say that the number 2 best jogging stroller would be the Schwinn Turismo. Parents not only love the price tag, but they really seem to love the stroller too.  With a 93% customer satisfaction rating on Amazon, and with comments like, “Great jogging stroller at an awesome price”, “Most loved baby thing we own”, and “Great value”, it’s clear that the Schwinn Turismo is gaining a following of it’s own. Like the BOB Revolution, the Schwinn Turismo also offers a swiveling front wheel that locks into place for light jogging. However, the Turismo offers one feature that you can’t find on the BOB, or any other high priced swivel jogger. It’s called a Lock Release. What this does is allow you to unlock or lock the front wheel from the handle bar without having to stop and pull or replace a pin manually. This is HUGE for convenience. And although the Schwinn Turismo doesn’t come with all the suspension customization that the BOB offers, it does offer an adjustable handle bar, which makes it great for a person of any height to find their comfort zone.

The Best Jogging Strollers with a Fixed Wheel

BOB Ironman

BOB Ironman Single Stroller - Best Jogging Stroller for marathon-style running

BOB Ironman @ Amazon $312.99

Now when it comes to serious running, a swivel jogger is NOT recommended. Swivel jogging strollers are designed for light jogging and walking, so if you plan on running 5 miles a day, the best jogging stroller for you would be one with a fixed wheel, aka a running stroller. Now, I’ve broken the serious runner category down into two types of people. Those that run marathons, and those that run trails.

When it comes to marathon style running, or training, the best jogging stroller with a fixed wheel would be the BOB Ironman. After reading through several reviews, what I found was that when the BOB Ironman was purchased for performance, with the understanding that the front wheel is fixed, the reviewers were extremely pleased. The problem was that so many people purchased it merely for looks, or the BOB name, not realizing that it had a fixed front wheel designed for running. Then they gave it a low star review and stated that it was too hard to maneuver. Well DUH!! So, although the customer satisfaction rating is somewhere around 82%, don’t let that deter you if you are a serious runner. With comments like, “The best jogging stroller for runners”, “Perfect for the jogging Mom/Dad”, and “If baby could talk, she’d say “Smoooooooth””, it’s clear that those using the BOB Ironman for its intended purpose, couldn’t be happier!

Like the BOB Revolution, the BOB Ironman also offers the state-of-the-art coil spring suspension system, adjustable shock absorbers, and adjustable tracking. Plus it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. The reason its perfect for marathon-style running is because it offers semi-slick tires, aka racing tread. It also offers lightweight alloy wheels with pneumatic air-filled tires, which are kind of like bicycle tires, perfect for city streets and sidewalks.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Running Stroller - Best jogging stroller for off-road use

BOB Sport Utility Stroller @ Amazon $319.99

Now, for those of you that like to do a little off-roading, the best jogging stroller for you would be the BOB Sport Utility Stroller. After reading through most of the reviews, I found that not only did the customers like their BOB Sport Utility, they worshiped it. With 17 out of 19 rating it 5 stars, that’s an 89% customer satisfaction rating. The two negative reviews had nothing to do with the stroller, only the customer service they received. With comments like, “Love, love, love”, “Best jogging stroller for the Beach”, and “Simply Perfect”, you can tell that like the BOB Ironman, it also serves its purpose. That purpose is, trail running, or hiking. When the going get’s tough, the BOB Sport Utility will take you there. It is the best jogging stroller designed for off-road running, or hiking.

The BOB Sport Utility comes with the same suspension system that the BOB Ironman comes with. It also has the same adjustable shock absorbers, and tracking. The only difference is that it offers high-impact polymer composite wheels (super strong plastic), with fat knobby tire tread instead of the BOB Ironman’s semi-slick racing tread. This tire tread will grip, dig, and climb.


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