Schwinn Turismo Vs. BOB Revolution SE – Why NOT!

Schwinn Turismo Vs. BOB Revolution SEYou might be wondering why I’m writing a comparison review on the BOB Revolution SE, and the Schwinn Turismo. Well, out of all the jogging strollers currently on the market, these two are the most popular. Yes I know, the BOB Revolution SE is on entirely different level, but the fact remains, the Schwinn Turimso offers a higher customer satisfaction rating. So I figured, why not compare them side by side just to see if the extra $150 dollars that you’d spend on the BOB Revolution SE is really worth it.


As far as design goes, the Schwinn Turismo and the BOB Revolution SE have a few things in common. They both offer a 12-inch front locking swivel wheel, and 16-inch rear wheels. Both offer lightweight aluminum frames, foot-activated parking brakes, and padded reclining seats with 5-point child safety harness’s.


BOB Revolution SE Vs. Schwinn Turismo

BOB Revolution SE @ Amazon for $321.95

The BOB Revolution SE has a higher weight capacity, and it weighs less. You can carry up to 70 pounds with the BOB, whereas you can only carry up to 50 pounds with the Schwinn Turismo. Plus, it only weighs 25 pounds, about 6 pounds less than the Schwinn. Both of these jogging strollers offer a suspension system. The BOB Revolution’s is a coil spring suspension system, which is pretty state-of-the-art compared to the Schwinn Turismo’s spring-air suspension system. The BOB also offers adjustable shock absorbers which allow you to change the softness of the ride based on your occupants weight or the terrain, and once you’ve locked the front wheel you can easily adjust the tracking with the turn of a knob. So in other words, with the BOB Revolution SE you’re always traveling in a straight line.

I guess you could say that the BOB Revolution SE will last you longer, it’s easier to push, offers a smoother ride, weighs less, and gives you more options for control. Is that worth $150 dollars to you? But wait, don’t count the Schwinn Turismo out yet!

Schwinn Turismo Vs. BOB Revolution SE

Schwinn Turismo @ Amazon for $177.94

So you can’t adjust the shock absorbers on the Schwinn, mainly because it doesn’t have any, and you can’t adjust the tracking either. Big deal!! There are a couple of feature that the Schwinn Turismo offers that the BOB Revolution SE doesn’t. First of all, you get an adjustable handle bar which allows you to customize the height based on your comfort level. Second, you get a remote lock for the front wheel! That’s right, you DO NOT have to pull a pin, you can simply lock or unlock the front swivel wheel from the handle bar. This is a huge convenience!! Did I mention that with the Schwinn Turismo you also get a ton of extra’s? The BOB Revolution SE has NO extra’s. You have to purchase all the accessories separately. So your extra $150 dollars can easily turn into an extra $215 dollars. The Schwinn Turismo comes with a molded parent tray with two cup holders, a pivoting child’s tray with two cup holders, and an MP3 speaker for some easy listening.


In the end, you have to ask yourself, does the adjustable tracking, adjustable shock absorbers, coil spring suspension system, and extra 20 pounds of weight capacity, really warrant the extra $150 dollars? For some of you the answer is yes. If you have the extra money, then by all means get the BOB Revolution SE, it’s the BEST, there’s not doubt about that! However, if you don’t have the extra $150 dollars, it’s okay! The Schwinn Turismo may not shine on the show room floor like the BOB Revolution SE, but it will satisfy all your jogging stroller needs. In fact, the Schwinn Turismo offers the highest customer satisfaction rating. With 82 out of 90 rating it 4 or 5 stars, that’s a 91%.

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