Schwinn Jogging Strollers – What Makes Them So Special?

Schwinn Jogging StrollersSchwinn Jogging Strollers offer quality at a reasonable price. Not only are these jogging strollers durable, and well-priced, but they’re also some of the most popular jogging strollers on the market. In other words, Schwinn Jogging Strollers offer some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings out there.

Now, there has been a couple changes over the years. For instance, Schwinn’s parent company, Pacific Cycle, sold to Dorel Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of car seats and other juvenile products.  This is a good thing. You may recognize some of the other brands by Dorel, including Maxi-Cosi, Safety 1st, InStep, and a whole list of others.  Regardless of who owns Schwinn Jogging Strollers, the designs are still quality, and the price is still reasonable.

There are currently six Schwinn Jogging Strollers available. The swivel wheel jogging strollers, both single and double, as well as the fixed wheel jogging strollers, both single and double. Let’s take a closer look at each design, and see which Schwinn Jogging Stroller is best for you.

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Schwinn Jogging Strollers with Swivel Wheels

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Jogger

Schwinn Jogging Stroller - Schwinn Turismo - Blue/Gray

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Jogger

The Schwinn Turismo is by far the most popular Schwinn Jogging Stroller on the market. It has been a top seller for quite some time. In fact, on Amazon it’s the #2 Best Selling Jogging Stroller! It also offers a 91% customer satisfaction rating, which is one of the highest. So, what makes this Schwinn Jogging Stroller so special? Well, first of all, it offers everything you would expect from a jogging stroller, including the three large tires and front locking swivel wheel. It also offers a smooth spring suspension system and lightweight aluminum frame.

Now for the special features. The Schwinn Turismo offers a slip-resistant adjustable handle bar, which is actually pretty uncommon. Having the ability to adjust the handle bar for a custom fit is definitely convenient, however, the number one reason why I love this Schwinn Jogging Stroller is because it offers a handy locking mechanism on the handle bar. In other words, you can actually lock and unlock the front wheel from the handle bar. You don’t have to physically pull a pin! It also offers a parent tray with two cup holders, and a pivoting child’s tray with two cup holder. These types of features are usually sold separately on higher priced jogging strollers, but this Schwinn Jogging Stroller comes with them, right off the show room floor. It also offers an MP3 speaker so that you and your little one can listen to tunes on the trail, and a 50 pound max load weight. For more information, read the Schwinn Turismo Jogging Stroller Review.

Where to Buy: At Amazon for $177.94, 11% OFF


Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Jogging Stroller - Schwinn Turismo Double

Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Jogger

The Schwinn Turismo also comes as a double jogging stroller, which is also extremely popular. In fact, on Amazon it takes the #2 spot yet again. This Schwinn Jogging Stroller Double offers everything that the single offers, except with two seats. You can pay upwards of $500 dollars for a double jogging stroller, but you can get this one for half that price. Like I said, this Schwinn Jogging Stroller Double comes with all the same features, including the parent tray, child’s trays, adjustable handle bar, remote locking mechanism, and MP3 speakers. It collapses easily for storage, and it has a max load weight of 100 pounds. The Schwinn Turismo Double also offers two retractable, independent 5-position canopies to protect your little ones from UV rays, and removable faux lambskin seat pads for extra warmth. I actually ran across a review on Amazon that compared this Schwinn Jogging Stroller with the BOB Dualie Jogging Stroller. It was not only eye opening, but really funny. You can find it here, Schwinn Turismo Double Jogger Customer Review.

Where to Buy: At Amazon for $219.98 – 21% OFF

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