Jeep Overland Stroller Vs. BOB Ironman Stroller

Jeep Overland Stroller Vs. BOB Ironman StrollerLooking for the best running stroller? If you happen to be stuck between the Jeep Overland Stroller and the BOB Ironman Stroller, I might be able to help. These two running strollers are on opposite sides of the playing field. The BOB Ironman Stroller is the top of the line, high performance running stroller, and the Jeep Overland Stroller is the more affordable option. So, that got me thinking, what does the BOB Ironman Stroller have that the Jeep Overland Stroller doesn’t?


First of all, let’s take a look at what these two running strollers have in common. Both the Jeep Overland Stroller and the BOB Ironman Stroller have (3) 16-inch wheels, all fixed including the front wheel. Both running strollers come with all the standard safety features including hand brakes, parking brakes, 5-point adjustable child safety harness’s, and tether straps (aka running leash). Both the BOB Ironman Stroller and the Jeep Overland Stroller also offer padded adjustable reclining seats, adjustable canopies, under seat storage, and fast two-step fold designs.


Jeep Overland Stroller

Jeep Overland Stroller

Let’s start with the biggest difference…..the price tags. The Jeep Overland Stroller lists for $239.99, and the BOB Ironman Stroller lists for $409.00. That’s $170.00 dollar difference! Now, keep in mind that those are the list prices. Both running strollers are frequently on sale at Amazon for much less.

So why does the BOB Ironman Stroller cost so much more? Especially when the Jeep Overland Stroller offers so many more extras, like the pedometer, the parent tray with 2 cup holders and storage, the child’s snack tray with cup holder, or the ibaby sound system (which allows you and your little one to listen to tunes on the trail)? Well for one, with all those extra’s added to the Jeep Overland Stroller, it also weighs about 5 pounds more, and carries about 25 pounds less. The BOB Ironman Stroller has a max weight of 70 pounds, as opposed to the Jeep Overland Stroller’s 45 pounds. The BOB Ironman also weighs 23 pounds, and compared to the Jeeps 28 pounds, it’s light as a feather. Maybe it’s because the BOB Ironman Stroller offers a high performance coil spring suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers. Maybe it’s the adjustable tracking, or maybe it’s the pneumatic tires with lightweight alloy wheels.

BOB Ironman Stroller

BOB Ironman Stroller

The BOB Ironman Stroller is, needless to say, the TOP-OF-THE-LINE when it comes to running strollers. But, not all of us, including myself, can afford the four hundred dollar price tag, so Jeep came out with the more affordable, less expensive to make, Jeep Overland Stroller. Which, I happen to love! Not only does it comes with all those extra’s listed above, but it also offers a few little perks of it’s own. For instance, the Jeep Overland Stroller offers an adjustable handle bar, which is a HUGE plus when it comes to comfort. Also, it offers a spring loaded suspension system which is pretty dang smooth.


In the end, what it all comes down to is, how much are you willing to spend? And what features are a must have?

If you’ve got the extra $170 bucks, and you can’t live without the coil spring suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers and the adjustable tracking, than I would have to say that the BOB Ironman Stroller is the absolute BEST running stroller for you. Plus it’s currently on SALE at Amazon for $312.99, 23% OFF!

But, if you’re like me, and you’d have to rob a bank in order to afford the BOB Ironman Stroller, than the Jeep Overland Stroller makes perfect sense. Plus, it’s currently on sale at for $186.63, 22% OFF!

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews and video demo’s listed below.

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