InStep Safari Strollers – InStep Grand Safari Vs. InStep Safari

InStep Safari Strollers

InStep Grand Safari Vs. InStep SafariThe InStep Grand Safari and the InStep Safari Swivel Joggers have several things in common. For instance, both InStep Strollers come equipped with a 12-inch front locking swivel wheel, and 16-inch rear wheels. Both have a maximum weight recommendation of 50 pounds. Both InStep Safari Strollers also come with molded parent trays, pivoting child’s trays, protective sun/rain shields, and adjustable handles. For safety, both InStep Safari Strollers also include running leashes, aka wrist straps, and they both fold easily and compactly. In addition, both the InStep Safari Strollers also offer quick-release wheels. With so many similarities, a decision between the two InStep Safari Strollers can be difficult, however, there are a few key differences that set them apart.

Instep Safari Swivel Jogger

Instep Safari Swivel Jogger

The InStep Grand Safari includes pneumatic tires with molded rims, whereas the InStep Safari has bicycle style tires with spokes. The InStep Grand also includes a faux lambskin seat pad, which is definitely more cozy, but the original InStep Safari has a super handy removable and washable, padded seat. You have to spot clean the faux lambskin, which can be kind of pain. When my daughter makes a mess, it doesn’t usually consist of just one spot. The InStep Grand Safari also weighs about 5 pounds more, weighing 33 pounds verses the original InStep Safari’s 28 pounds. But, with the added weight comes a few extra features, like the exposed spring suspension, and the MP3 speaker that gives you and your little one the ability to listen to tunes on the trail. Also included, a remote locker attached to the handlebar, makes locking the front swivel wheel super easy.

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger - Gray/Yellow

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

Both of these InStep Safari Strollers are an excellent choices, however, if you plan on doing more off-road trails, you may want to consider the InStep Grand Safari’s spring suspension. This can make a rough ride much more enjoyable, not to mention the ability to listen to tunes as you explore. I personally, like both of these models, however, I do like the original InStep Safari’s bicycle style wheels better, they just seem more durable than the molded ones. Also, I prefer the sounds of nature to the sound of an MP3 speaker, but that’s just me.

Last but not least, we have the price difference. The InStep Safari lists for $129.99, and the InStep Grand Safari lists for $30 dollars more at $159.99. However, on Amazon you can get the InStep Grand Safari for less. See the sale prices below.

For a more information on either jogging stroller listed above, check out the full reviews listed below.

InStep Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger Review

InStep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller Review


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