BOB Sport Utility Vs. Baby Jogger FIT – Best High Performance Jogger

BOB Sport Utility vs Baby Jogger FITThe BOB Sport Utility and the Baby Jogger FIT are both considered to be high performance, top of the line, running strollers. They offer the same basic design, with three 16-inch tires, fixed front wheels, running leashes, hand brakes, and foot activated parking brakes. Both also offer multi-position canopies with a peek-a-boo windows, reclining seats, under seat storage baskets, and additional storage compartments on the back of the seats. The BOB Sport Utility costs roughly $290.00, and so does the Baby Jogger FIT.


Baby Jogger FIT

BOB Sport Utility vs Baby Jogger FIT

Baby Jogger FIT

The Baby Jogger FIT offers a 75 pound weight capacity, 5 pounds more than the BOB Sport Utility. It also offers an advanced hand caliper braking system for more control on steep terrain. The handle bar is ergonomic with a wipe clean grip, and it comes with a patented universal accessory mounting bracket that will allow you to accessorize with ease. The only other thing that makes the Baby Jogger FIT special is the patented quick-fold design that allows you to fold it in one simple step, one handed even. It has a decent customer satisfaction rating of about 78%, which is not bad compared to most running strollers. What bothers me most about the Baby Jogger FIT is the fact that it has no suspension system. It is not designed for off-road use, only pavement running, therefore you get semi-slick tire tread.

BOB Sport Utility

BOB Sport Utility Vs Baby Jogger FIT

BOB Sport Utility

The BOB Sport Utility offers a smooth coil spring suspension system, as well as adjustable shock absorbers that allow you to control the softness based on occupancy and terrain. It also offers an adjustable tracking knob, making it easy to correct any drifting problems. The BOB Sport Utility is designed for running on all terrain, especially off-road. It offers fat, knobby tire tread, designed to grip just about anything. As far as customer satisfaction goes, the BOB Sport Utility did excellent. With 24 out of 28 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars, that’s an 86% customer satisfaction rating!


If you really have your heart set on the Baby Jogger FIT, make sure you only plan on running on pavement, because otherwise it will get pretty rough for your little one. Aside from that, I’d have to say that it is a nice running stroller, not my favorite, but it’s nice. And just so that the record shows, I’m not a pavement runner, so my opinion may be a bit one-sided. The name, FIT, means For Intermediate Training. So if you’re pretty serious about your running, whether it’s for training purposes or fitness purposes, then the Baby Jogger FIT may be the best running stroller for you. You can get it at Amazon for $299.99.

The BOB Sport Utility is for those that like to lead an adventurous lifestyle. It offers a smoother ride, and more adjust ability. If you prefer off-road trails, then this is the running stroller for you. The BOB Sport Utility is currently on sale at Amazon for $288.09, 24% OFF.

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