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BOB Sport Utility vs Jeep Overland StrollerComparing the BOB Sport Utility Stroller to the Jeep Overland Stroller may seem a little silly, but in all actuality, they offer similar designs, and there’s only about a hundred dollar price difference. Besides, it’s nice to know what exactly you’re spending that extra hundred dollars on, and whether or not it’s necessary.

Both the BOB Sport Utility and the Jeep Overland Stroller offer the basic running stroller set-up, including three 16-inch tires, hand brakes, foot-activated parking brakes, tether straps, 5-point child safety harness’s, and suspension systems. Both running strollers also offer padded, multi-position reclining seats, adjustable canopies, and under-seat storage baskets. Both the BOB Sport Utility and the Jeep Overland Stroller also offer lightweight aluminum frames and weigh about the same, 26 pounds. So, what’s the difference, and why does the BOB Sport Utility cost so much more?


BOB Sport Utility Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Vs Jeep Overland Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Stroller – Orange

Well first of all, the BOB Sport Utility doesn’t just offer a smooth ride, it offers an adjustable smooth ride. With its state-of-the-art coil spring suspension system, and adjustable shock absorbers, you can decide how smooth the ride should be based on seat occupancy and terrain. It also offers a handy feature called the adjustable tracking knob, which always keeps you moving in a straight line. The BOB Sport Utility is quality built, offering only the best of materials. The wheels are high-impact polymer composite, which is basically a super strong plastic guaranteed never to break, and the tires are pneumatic, aka air-filled. The tires are wide with fat knobby tread that will give you traction no matter where you take it. In addition, the BOB Sport Utility also offers a maximum weight recommendation of 70 pounds, which is one of the highest. In other words, you can use this running stroller for a long time! Did I mention that the BOB Sport Utility also has the highest customer satisfaction rating out of all the running strollers listed on Amazon? With 24 out of 28 reviewers rating it  4 to 5 stars, that’s an 86% customer satisfaction rating!

Jeep Overland Stroller

BOB Sport Utility Vs Jeep Overland Stroller

Jeep Overland Stroller

Now, the Jeep Overland Stroller is also quality built, but it doesn’t offer the same super expensive, high quality materials. The wheels are more like bicycle tires with spokes instead of high performance plastics. The tires are also pneumatic, air-filled, and the tread is also pretty knobby, just not quite as knobby or wide as the BOB Sport Utility. The Jeep Overland Stroller does offer a suspension system, but it’s not near as smooth as the coil spring suspension system on the BOB. Oh, and you can only use it up to 45 pounds, which is 25 pounds less than the BOB. Okay, so the BOB Sport Utility is sounding better and better, but don’t count the Jeep Overland Stroller out just yet. It may not shine on the show room floor, but it does have a few cards up its sleeve.

BOB Sport Utility Vs Jeep Overland StrollerFor instance, the Smart Handle which adjusts to multiple heights and angles, HUGE plus! Then there’s the parent tray with two bottle holders and an items compartment. The child’s snack tray with a cup holder, and the pedometer that tracks your speed and distance. Did I mention the iBaby sound system? Seriously, you get a lot of extra’s with the Jeep Overland Stroller. These extra’s would probably cost you another hundred bucks to buy as accessories to the BOB Sport Utility.


In the end, you have to ask yourself whether the adjustable tracking, adjustable shock absorbers, coil spring suspension system, and extra 25 pound weight capacity is really worth the extra money. If these are things you just can’t live without, then I would have to say that the BOB Sport Utility is the best running stroller for you. You can get it on sale at Amazon for $288.09, 24% OFF.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if I had the extra money to spend I’d probably go with the BOB myself, but the fact is…..I don’t. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. There is one thing I’d like to point out though. The Jeep Overland Stroller didn’t do near as good in the customer satisfaction department. With 70 out of 107 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars, that’s about a 65% customer satisfaction rating. The biggest complaints were regarding the front wheel drifting from side to side. Now a lot of this was probably due to the fact that the tires weren’t evenly aired up, or the front tire was not positioned correctly on the front fork. Some reviewers even blasted it for not being a swiveling wheel, which I personally think is absurd. It’s a running stroller, the front wheel is fixed for a reason. My point is, the Jeep Overland Stroller is well built and it’s reasonably priced, so if you don’t have the extra money for the BOB Sport Utility, then the Jeep is an excellent choice! You can get it on sale at Amazon for $195.00, 19% OFF.

If you’re still undecided, check out the full reviews listed below.

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