BOB Revolution Stroller – BOB Revolution SE Vs. BOB Revolution CE

The BOB Revolution Stroller is by far one of the most popular jogging strollers on the market. So, if you happen to find yourself asking the question, “what’s the difference between the BOB Revolution SE and the BOB Revolution CE”, I might be able to help.

BOB Revolution Stroller Similarities:

BOB Revolution Stroller SE

BOB Revolution Stroller SE

First of all, the BOB Revolution SE and CE have several similarities. Both BOB Revolution Strollers offer all of the same high performance features that have made the brand name “BOB “so incredibly popular. Including the state-of-the-art coil spring suspension system and adjustable shock absorbers, the adjustable tracking, and the front locking swivel wheel. Both BOB Revolution Strollers also offer  all of the same safety features, like the padded 5-point adjustable child safety harness, wrist strap, and parking brake.  All the same comfort features as well, like the reclining foam padded seat, adjustable canopy with a 125 degree range of coverage, and plenty of storage. Both BOB Revolution Strollers also offer an easy two step fold design, as well as a 70 pound weight capacity. So, what’s the difference?


BOB Revolution Stroller SE

BOB Revolution Stroller SE

The BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller is more of an all purpose jogging stroller. The SE stands for Sport Experience, so in other words you can walk or jog with this stroller by locking or unlocking the front wheel. The BOB Revolution CE Jogging Stroller is designed for walking. The CE stands for City Experience. Although the Revolution CE does offer a front locking swivel wheel, it’s intended to be used for rough terrain, NOT jogging. The main differences between these two BOB Revolution Strollers are the wheels and tires. The BOB Revolution SE offers a 12-inch front swivel wheel and 16-inch rear wheels with high-impact polymer composite rims. In other words they are a lot more durable and capable of withstanding a lot of abuse.

BOB Revolution Stroller CE - Black

BOB Revolution Stroller CE

The BOB Revolution Stroller CE comes with an 8-inch front swivel wheel and 12-inch rear wheels with lightweight aluminum alloy rims. Although these wheels and tires are durable, they are not intended for jogging, only walking. Also, the BOB Revolution CE Stroller is lighter, weighing 23 pounds as opposed to the BOB Revolution SE’s 25 pounds.

The only other difference is price. The BOB Revolution Stroller CE lists for $469.00, and the BOB Revolution Stroller SE lists for $449.00. Both BOB Revolution Strollers are expensive, but if you keep an eye on Amazon you might be able to find them on SALE! The sale prices are subject to change daily, but I try and keep my posts updated with current prices. As of today, the current sale prices are listed below.

BOB Revolution Stroller SE – Reg. $449.00SALE $321.95 – 28% OFF!

BOB Revolution Stroller CE – Reg. $469.00 SALE $337.95 – 28% OFF!

For more information on either BOB Revolution Stroller listed above, check out the full in-depth reviews listed below, including video demonstrations, the good and the bad, and customer feedback.

BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller Review & Video Demo

BOB Revolution CE Jogging Stroller Review & Video Demo


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