BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller Review & Video Demo

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BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller - Plum

BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller – Plum

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The BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller offers a smooth, safe ride, not matter where you plan to travel. You can easily navigate city streets no matter the weather condition, or venture off-road. It comes equipped with three 12 1/2 inch pneumatic tires and three lightweight aluminum alloy rims, designed to be durable and compact.

The BOB Revolution CE offers a swiveling front wheel capable of locking into a fixed wheel position. In swivel mode the front wheel turns on a dime, giving you superior maneuverability, and in fixed mode, you get increased stability when navigating rougher terrain.

The BOB Revolution CE also offers a state-of-the-art suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers. This allows you to adjust the softness according to terrain and weight. In addition, it also offers adjustable tracking. In other words, when the front wheel is locked in the fixed position, the tracking adjustment knob keeps you traveling in a straight line.

As for storage, the BOB Revolution CE comes equipped with a convenient low boy cargo basket that provides plenty of room, as well as a seat-back pocket, and pockets on the inside for your little one’s snacks and toys. The seat itself is fully padded and offers multiple reclining positions. Plus, you also get an adjustable multi-position canopy and viewing window.

In addition, the BOB Revolution CE offers a padded handlebar for you comfort, and a wrist strap that keeps the stroller secure while strolling. The fold itself is compact and simple. It folds in two easy steps, and the lightweight frame makes transporting a breeze.

BOB Revolution CE Features:

BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller

BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller

    • Maximum weight capacity – 70 pounds
    • 12 1/2 inch pneumatic tires – made from reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air
    • Lightweight alloy wheels
    • Swiveling front wheel that locks into a fixed position
    • State-of-the-art suspension system – coil spring suspension
    • Adjustable shock absorbers – allow for two shock positions: Position 1 is 0 – 40 lbs and position 2 is 41 -70 pounds
    • Adjustable tracking knob – keeps you traveling in a straight line
    • Padded handlebar with wrist strap – doubles as a fold lock
    • Ultra-padded seat with adjustable recline – lowest position is 70 degrees from vertical
    • Padded 5-point adjustable child safety harness
    • Multi-position canopy with viewing window – offers a 5 position toggle system
    • Low boy cargo basket – seat back pocket – 2 internal mesh pockets
    • Foot-activated parking brake
    • Easy two-step fold design with fold lock
    • Comes with an accessory mounting bracket that allows you to attach an Infant Car Seat Adapter (Sold Separately)
    • Lightweight frame – stroller weight is 23 pounds

Video Demonstration:

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My Review:

BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain StrollerThe BOB Revolution CE is designed for “All-Terrain” strolling, NOT JOGGING! If you’re looking for a jogging stroller, check out the BOB Revolution SE (Sport Experience).

Now, the new BOB Revolution CE has undergone some improvements this last year in 2011. They’ve basically taken into account any complaints about the previous model, which were not many, and fixed them. For instance, the BOB Revolution CE now has more padding in the seat as well as a board to give it a more rigid back. BOB has also upgraded the suspension adjustment, the 5-point harness adjustment, the hood, the foot-wells, oh and they added a folding lock. Plus, they’ve upgraded the Infant Car Seat Adapter (Sold Separately) so that it will now work with the Chicco Keyfit Car Seat, as well as the Graco Car Seat and Peg.

BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller

Conclusion: Final Thoughts.

The BOB Revolution CE isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty close. I had a hard time finding any con’s, aside from the price.

The only real complaints I found were that it doesn’t stand up when folded, the infant car seat adapter is sold separately (not the same as the accessory adapter), it’s heavy, and a few people didn’t like the 2011 addition of the seat back board that gives the seat more back support, which was a common complaint with the 2010 model. That just goes to show that you can’t please everyone. Also, the BOB Revolution CE may be bigger than your average stroller, but it’s pretty small compared to most all-terrain strollers, and it weighs only 23 pounds.

In conclusion, the BOB Revolution CE is an excellent all-terrain stroller, if you have the coin to spend. I would NOT recommend it if you’re a serious jogger, that’s what the BOB Revolution SE is for.

The Good
  • Coil spring suspension system – to BEST suspension system to have on an all-terrain stroller
  • Adjustable shock absorbers and adjustable tracking give you the control
  • The ENORMOUS canopy provide ample protection
  • Swiveling front wheel – expert maneuverability
  • Front wheel locks into a fixed position for increased stability on rough terrain
  • Super smooth ride and extra padded seat for little one
  • Plenty of storage – low boy basket is bigger with the CE model
  • Two step fold design and fold lock – makes for easy transport
  • Infant car seat adapter (sold separately) now works with Chicco Keyfit Car Seat, & the Graco Snugride
The Bad
  • Heavy – actually only weighs 23 pounds but is considered heavy if you’re comparing it to a regular stroller
  • Bulky – awkward to lift into the back of your vehicle
  • Doesn’t stand up when folded
  • The Price! And you have to purchase all the accessories separate, including the infant car seat adapter
  • Wide wheel base – yet again this is common with all-terrain strollers
  • Not intended for JOGGING.

Customer Feedback:

Darn good stroller, February 8, 2011BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller - Folded

By Chuck,

I recently purchased the BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller for walks with our 10 month old daughter. In short, we love it!

It is maneuverable and rolls quite nicely. It easily rides over uneven terrain. We have received piles of snow this year and it makes walking the poorly shoveled sidewalks and curbs a piece of cake.

I know some of the older versions had complaints about the “back board” (or lack of) in the stroller’s seat. It looks like BOB has responded. The back in this model has more support and is no longer the “sling” some people complained about with the pre-2011 versions.

One of the other complaints from the old versions of the BOB Revolution was the lack of a mechanism to secure the stroller when folded. BOB again responded by attaching a clip to the wrist strap that connects to another clip on the axle when folded. It’s easy to fasten when the stroller is folded and allows you to lift the stroller without worrying about it unfolding on you.

The canopy is only half extended in the product picture. When fully extended it easily blocks the low evening sun from my daughter’s eyes.

The 5 point harness is easy to adjust and my daughter hasn’t complained. We have taken a few long walks and she has not seemed bothered by it.

I really like the storage on the back of the seat. It’s a simple thing but it’s a great place to keep a small change of clothes, diaper, pad, and wipes. No need to lug the diaper bag along for a walk. There is still plenty of storage in the bottom of the BOB Revolution CE for other items.

My only complaint is I wish it stood up when it is folded. Our Britax Chaperone stands up when it’s folded. It makes storing it in the garage or back of our vehicle easier. The nose wheel prevents it form happening on the BOB Revolution CE All-Terrain Stroller.

Again, we love it so far. I’ll try to update this after some more use.

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