The Best Running Stroller For The Right Price

BOB Ironman Running Stroller

BOB Ironman @ Amazon for $312.99

Generally when you ask a question like, “what’s the best running stroller”, a straight answer would be hard to come by. The reason for this is that there are several “BEST” running strollers, not just one. It all depends on how much money you’re willing to spend, and what kind of features are most important to you.

Let’s take a closer look at a few different running strollers, see what features you like best, and what price range is most comfortable.

The Best Running Strollers

I’m going to start at the top and work my way down. In first place we have the BOB Ironman. Now a few people out there may argue that the Baby Jogger F.I.T is the best for this price range, but I have my reasons. First and foremost, the BOB Ironman offers a smooth coil spring suspension system, adjustable tracking that keeps you running in a straight line, as well as adjustable shock absorbers that can be adjusted according to the terrain, or weight of the child.

BOB Sport Utility Running Stroller

BOB Sport Utility @ Amazon for $288.09

The Baby Jogger F.I.T. doesn’t offer any shocks, which means that it’s not near as smooth, but it does offer 5 pounds more weight capacity, with a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds verses the Ironman’s 70 pounds. However, the BOB Ironman only weighs 23 pounds, and the lighter the running stroller, the better the performance.

I also want to mention the BOB Sport Utility Running Stroller, which also features the fixed front wheel. In fact, it offers everything that the Ironman offers, except that it has big fat knobby tire tread as opposed to smooth racing slicks. It’s designed for more of an off-road runner, rather than a marathon style runner. It also makes an excellent hiking stroller with super-man grip.

Now when I say top of the line, that also means top price. The BOB Ironman usually runs for about $409.00, however you can usually find it on sale at Amazon for around $315.00. Same with the BOB Sport Utility Stroller, which lists for $379.00 but is also frequently on sale for around $285.00.

Joovy Zoom ATS Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom ATS @ Amazon for $209.98

Now if those price tags scare you a little, let’s step down one level and take a look at the Joovy Zoom ATS. This running stroller doesn’t have the state-of-the-art adjustable tracking, or adjustable shock absorbers, but it does offer a nice suspension system. With shock absorbing suspension in the front, and an independent rear-wheel spring/air suspension in the rear, you can expect a smooth ride. It’s heavier than the BOB Ironman Stroller, but it also carries 5 pounds more, with a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds. Another reason why I like the Joovy Zoom ATS is because it offers a taller handle bar, taller than any other running stroller on the market, and it’s missing the rear axle, so if you have a longer stride length when you’re running you won’t trip over the rear axle. Some say that Joovy Zoom ATS is only meant for taller people, but honestly, it’s all about your running comfort. The Joovy Zoom ATS regularly lists for $349.99, but you can usually find it on sale at Amazon for somewhere around $210.00.

Jeep Overland Limited Running Stroller @ Amazon

Jeep Overland @ Amazon for $197.17

Another running stroller that belongs at this level is the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller. It costs about the same as the Joovy Zoom ATS, sometimes less if it’s on sale. Now, I really like both of these running strollers, but if I had my choice, I’d probably choose the Jeep Overland, let me explain why. First of all, the Jeep Overland offers a few more extra’s, like the MP3 speaker that enables you and your little one to listen to tunes on the trail, as well as the pedometer that tracks your speed and distance, extra storage, and a child snack tray. The Joovy Zoom ATS is more for someone that’s really serious about running, while the Jeep Overland Stroller is for someone who likes to run but get’s bored really easy, like me! The only problem is that the Jeep Overland will only carry up to 45 pounds, whereas the Joovy Zoom ATS will carry up to 75 pounds. That’s a big difference!

Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Free Runner @ Amazon for $169.99

If those prices still make you a little nervous, let’s step down one more level and take a look at the Schwinn Free Runner. It’s your basic run of the mill running stroller. It doesn’t offer a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it does get the job done! It comes with good sized canopy, a parent tray with two cup holders, and a padded reclining seat for the little one, as well as a few other basic features. Now, even though this running stroller probably won’t make you say “aaahhhh” when you’re pushing it down the road, your pocket book will thank you. You can usually get the Schwinn Free Runner on sale at Amazon for around $170.00.

So there you have it folks, these are the best running strollers. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you.

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