Baby Jogger Summit XC Stroller Review & Video Demo

Baby Jogger Summit XC

Overall Rating: Baby Jogger Summit Review - 5 Stars
Baby Jogger Summit Review

Baby Jogger Summit XC Stroller

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    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • 16-inch rear quick-release pneumatic wheels with sealed ball bearings
    • 12-inch front locking swivel wheel
    • All-wheel independent suspension
    • Hand-operated rear drum brakes for increased control on hilly terrain
    • Parking brake
    • Padded seat that reclines to a near flat position
    • 5-point adjustable safety harness
    • Retractable weather cover
    • Seat back storage compartment
    • Large under seat basket
    • Max weight Recommendation: 75 pounds
    • Weight: 24.6 pounds

Baby Jogger Summit Review:

What I LoveBaby Jogger Summit XC Seat

Seat Capacity – The Baby Jogger Summit XC offers one of the largest seats available. The seat back height is 20.5″ and because of the ingenious design of the canopy, you get a total of 24″ head height. The seat is also 13″ wide, which is not the widest, but it’s plenty. The Baby Jogger Summit offers a 75 pound weight capacity, and with the design of the seat, you can actually use it up to 75 pounds.

Sun Canopy – It’s bigger than most, and you have multiple positions to choose from. Plus, you also get the peek-a-boo window on top and a ventilation window on each side.

Baby Jogger Summit ReviewReclining Seat – I love the Baby Jogger Summit’s recline adjuster. You can do it one handed, and the transition is much smoother than some swivel joggers. Also, you can recline the seat from an upright position to a near flat position. The upright position is actually upright, and the seat itself is well padded.

One Step Fold and Lock – This is perhaps one of the biggest selling points for Baby Jogger. Their quick-fold design is unmatched. It’s extremely easy to do, and once folded, the Baby Jogger Summit XC has a lock that keeps the stroller from opening up on you when you’re trying to load it into the back of your car. It’s ingenious!

All Wheel Independent Suspension System – Each wheel has its own suspension, even the front wheel. That’s pretty awesome, and pretty uncommon as well! The result of this is an exceptionally smooth ride, no matter where the trail takes you.

What I Don’t Like

Baby Jogger Summit ReviewUnder-Seat Storage Basket – The basket is not the problem, in fact it’s plenty big, but there’s a bar in the way which makes actually using it next to impossible. In other words, all though the basket is big enough to hold my gigantic diaper bag, I can’t get it in there. Seems like a waste to me.

In some cases, the front wheel strays – This is probably my biggest concern. A few reviewers complained that once the front wheel is locked into a fixed position, it tends to stray one direction or the other. If you plan on jogging with a stroller, it is absolutely necessary to have a fixed wheel, and it’s just as important that the fixed wheel always travels in a straight line. Now, there could be a couple of reasons for this. Number one, the tires may have uneven air pressure. It is recommended that the tires on the Baby Jogger Summit all have an even 20 PSI. The slightest difference could cause your stroller to stray one direction of the other. Number two, it’s defective. One reviewer actually contacted Baby Jogger for warranty information. Baby Jogger then sent them a brand new front wheel with a tracking knob free of charge.  Since then, there has been no problem. Now, I’m not saying that every Baby Jogger Summit will have this issue, but I feel it’s important to know ahead of time.

Lack of accessories – The Baby Jogger Summit XC is expensive, and the fact that you have to pay extra for accessories just makes it even more expensive. The least they could have done is throw in a parent tray!

Customer Feedback:Baby Jogger Summit Review

The Baby Jogger Summit did really well in the customer satisfaction department. In fact, 42 out of 48 reviewers rated it 4 to 5 stars, that’s an 88% rating! Most absolutely seemed to love it, in fact some practically worship it. What parents seemed to love most about the Baby Jogger Summit was the quick-fold design, the roomy seat and large footrest, the all wheel independent suspension system, and the canopy. Also, several of the reviewers raved about the hand brake located on the handle bar. It controls the rear brakes, and it definitely comes in handy on steep terrain.

As far as complaints go, most mirrored my own. There were a few comments about the weight of the stroller, but in reality, all swivel joggers are heavy. The Baby Jogger Summit XC weighs 24.6 pounds, which is actually lighter than most swivel jogging strollers on the market, including the BOB Revolution. Also, this swivel jogging stroller is designed for light jogging and all-terrain strolling. It offers a wide wheel base which gives it stability on the trail. The wide wheel base also makes it hard to navigate narrow aisles at your local shopping mall. So if you’re looking for a three wheel stroller to use as an everyday stroller, I would check out the Baby Jogger City Elite.

All in all, even with the complaints, I’d say that the Baby Jogger Summit XC is definitely one of the BEST!

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If you’re still undecided, watch the below video demonstration to see the Baby Jogger Summit XC in action, or check out the customer feedback on Amazon.

If you want a second opinion, I found a great review with lots of pictures at

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