Baby Jogger City Elite Vs. BOB Revolution CE

The Baby Jogger City Elite and the BOB Revolution CE are two of the most popular All-Terrain Strollers on the market. So I decided to compare them side by side and see what the advantages are. These are my findings.

(Note: This is the 2012 Baby Jogger City Elite and the 2011 BOB Revolution CE)


  • Adjustable 5-Point child safety harness
  • Large multi-position sun canopies
  • Large under-seat storage basket
  • Seat-back storage pocket
  • Padded, reclining child seats that recline to a near flat position

BOB Revolution CE Advantages

Baby Jogger City Elite Vs. BOB Revolution CE

BOB Revolution CE

Weight – It weighs less than the Baby Jogger City Elite by about 4 pounds

Tires – 12 1/2 inch pneumatic tires made from reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air. Air-filled tires offer a smoother ride. The Baby Jogger City Elite offers forever-air foam filled tires, which are not quite as smooth.

Suspension – The BOB Revolution CE comes with a coil spring suspension system, and adjustable shock absorbers. You can adjust the shocks based on occupancy and terrain.

Adjustable Tracking – When the front wheel is in the locked position, you can use the adjustable tracking knob to make sure you’re always moving in a straight line.

Storage – The under-seat storage basket is a little bit bigger, plus you get two mesh pockets inside for your child’s snacks or drinks.

Wider Seat – The BOB Revolution CE offers an interior seat width of 14.5″, which is about 1.5″ more than the Baby Jogger City Elite.


Baby Jogger City Elite (2012) Advantages

Baby Jogger City Elite Vs. BOB Revolution CE

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 – Front and Side

Weight Capacity and Seat Height – The City Elite can be used up to 75 pounds. The BOB Revolution CE only goes up to 70 pounds. Plus, the seat is taller, with a head height of 26″, you can actually use it all the way up to 75 pounds. The BOB Revolution CE may be wider, but it only offers a head height of around 20″ (Not sure on exact measurement).

Adjustable Handlebar – Super convenient, especially for families of multiple heights.

Hand operated parking brake – Located on the side of the stroller, it’s super handy. The BOB Revolution CE’s parking brake is foot-activated.

Parent console – The Baby Jogger City Elite offers a soft handlebar console with three storage pockets. The BOB Revolution CE also offers a parent console, but you have to purchase it separately.

One-Handed Fold and Auto-Lock – You can fold the Baby Jogger City Elite with one hand in one simple step. Plus, with the new 2012 model, it also locks automatically, so there’s no extra steps required.

Sun Canopy has more windows – The 2012 Baby Jogger City Select offers one peek-a-boo window, and two side-ventilation windows, all of which offer magnetized closures. So you don’t have the loud rip of velcro when you want to peek in on your little one. The BOB Revolution CE offers one peek-a-boo window with a velcro closure.

Raised Kicker – Gives smaller children more leg support, and also allows you to access the under-seat storage basket from the front of the stroller.


Performance wise, you get more with the BOB Revolution CE. So if you’re looking for a smoother ride, or you plan on going off-road, I would definitely suggest the BOB. However, if you plan on sticking to the paved roads and sidewalks, the Baby Jogger City Elite offers much, much more. So in terms of convenience and ease of use, I would definitely recommend the Baby Jogger.


There is only one BOB Revolution CE currently on the market, and it’s the 2011 model. I don’t believe that there will be a 2012 model, and if there is, I don’t think they’ve made any changes. These prices are the best I could find.

There are several models of the Baby Jogger City Elite available, the 2012, the 2011/2010, and even the 2009. Now you have to be careful, they are not all the same, so check the model numbers. The model number for the new 2012 City Elite is BJ13210. The older models all have racing stripes too, so that should help. Also, because the 2012 model is brand new, it’s not on sale anywhere but at Amazon in the SAND color. You can purchase the Red and Black, but they are at full price, $399.99.


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