Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 Vs. 2011 – What’s Changed?

It seems like almost every year Baby Jogger comes out with new and improved versions of every stroller in their line-up. The Baby Jogger City Elite is one of those strollers. That’s the thing that I like about Baby Jogger, they listen. They read the reviews just like you and I. They want to know what we like, and what we don’t like. Then they want to fix it!

Baby Jogger City Elite 2009 to 2010

Baby Jogger City Elite 2010/2011

Baby Jogger City Elite 2010/2011

From 2009 to 2010 they changed the tires. Instead of air-filled tires, they gave it forever-air filled tires, aka foam filled tires. The intension was to avoid flats. Some people had mixed feelings about this. Air-filled tires are known to be smoother, especially on rough terrain, however, getting a flat tire while you’re out and about is a huge pain. Another improvement that they made from 2009 to 2010, was the hand parking brake. They moved it to the side of the stroller, below the handlebar. I don’t think anybody complained about that improvement. Then they gave the Baby Jogger City Elite a bigger basket with easier accessibility.

Baby Jogger City Elite 2011 to 2012

From 2010 to 2011 nothing really changed, except that they discontinued a couple of colors, sky sport, and stone sport. However, when 2012 rolled around, a whole new Baby Jogger City Elite hit the market. These are the improvements.


Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 - Sand

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 – Sand

Easier basket accessibility – Although they changed the basket from 2009 to 2010, they decided to improve it even further. On the back of the stroller they curved the bar, and turned into a U shape, which allows you to access the basket much easier. Also, the sides of the basket are now elastic, so you can now access the basket on both sides. Plus, you also have the option of accessing the basket from the front, below the kicker.

Magnetized Closures – The 2010/2011 model offered Velcro closures on all the peek-a-boo windows. Say you want to peek in on your little one to check and see if he fell asleep, by the time you rip open the peek-a-boo window, you’ve already woke him up! The magnetized closures are silent. Also, the kicker offers a magnetized closure now as well.

Auto-Lock Feature -The 2012 Baby Jogger City Elite now automatically locks once folded. So not only can you fold it one handed, but you don’t even have to mess with the lock.

Black Frame – I’m not sure that changing the color of the frame should really be considered an improvement, but I guess it does look pretty cool.

Upgraded Fabric – The Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 has a canvas like material made from 83% Polyester. It’s suppose to be more durable.


Additional Changes: (Not necessarily improvements)

Baby Jogger City Elite 2011 - Canopy

Baby Jogger City Elite 2011 – Canopy

Missing Peek-a-boo Window – The Baby Jogger City Elite 2011 offered two peek-a-boo windows on top, one in the front, and one in the back. The 2012 model only offers the one in the back. I’m not really sure why they decided to do away with this, but there are quite a few Baby Jogger Fans out there that are not too happy.

Upgraded Fabric , NOT so great – The new fabric is not near as easy to wipe clean. With the older 2010/2011 models, you could simply wipe the mess away with a baby wipe, no problem. Now with the 2012 model, you really have to scrub.

Missing Storage on Parent Console – The parent console on the 2010/2011 model had 3 open pockets in front, and a flap with 3 smaller pockets in the back. The 2012 Baby Jogger City Elite doesn’t have the flap with three extra pockets.  Not sure why they didn’t include this feature, the more storage the better as far as I’m concerned.

Color Options – They did away with the racing stripes. I guess the stripes were a bit too flashy for some. I personally thought it made them look sporty, but what do I know. You can get the 2012 model in three different color options, Black, Red, or Sand.



The 2012 Baby Jogger City Elite does offer some pretty cool improvements, however, if you find yourself missing the older 2010/2011 model, it’s not too late to find one. I’ve done some price comparisons, and the below prices are the best I could come by.

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012 – No matter where I look it’s the same price, except at Amazon! The following are the only two that offered Free Shipping.

Baby Jogger City Elite 2011/2010 – The Red Sport seems to be on sale, however, you can purchase the Black Sport and the Green Sport for a higher price.

Baby Jogger City Elite 2009 – If you just happen to be looking for a 2009 model with the pneumatic tires, aka air-filled tires, I do believe I found one on Amazon. It’s hard to tell, but the model number seems to match up. Make sure you check the model number under Product Specifications before you add it to your cart.


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